We want to help you with your integration in our school, and for this we put at your disposal different guides that will help you to better understand the functioning of our school and university, the grading system we use and other useful information about life in Madrid.

Useful Guides for your academic life:

  • Guide for Incoming Students in the ETSICCP
    This guide has been created by the ETSICCP, and it has all the information related with our School, such as the location of the library or the different available WiFis.
  • Guides for Incoming Students in the UPM: GUIDE 1, GUIDE 2 
    This guide has been prepared by the UPM. It has general information about our University and the city of Madrid.

Useful links for your life in Madrid:

In this link you will find information about Erasmus Play, a student housing search engine for students incoming to Spanish universities.


ESN-UPM: The Buddy Program for international students at ETSICCP

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN)-UPM Association, located in the ETSICCP offers international students the Buddy Program. The Buddy Program puts in contact each international student with a local student from our school, with similar interests and academic life. The local student acts as a mentor for the incoming students, and will help you with your academic and social life. ESN-UPM also organizes different touristic and social activities that will make you get the best of your experience in Spain. You can find more information about them in the ESN-UPM website