International Students that want to study at the Escuela de Caminos, Canales y Puertos de la UPM must make sure to meet the following academic, language and insurance requirements.

  • The exchange student must be selected by the home university.
  • It is recommended for exchange students to register for no more than 30 ECTS credits per semester
  • It is possible to attend lectures in other UPM Schools, but under the following conditions:
    • Most subjects have to be attended at ETSICCP-UPM. Only up to 25% of credits can be taken from other UPM Schools
    • The approval of the other UPM School(s) is needed
    • Be aware that UPM´s Schools are spread all over Madrid, so you could spend a lot of time in your journey

Students must have a good command of the languages of the courses. Most lectures at our school are taught in Spanish. You can check the language for each course in the “Study programs and courses section. Also, in this document List of Subjects Taught in English you can find a list of all subjects that are taught in English at the ETSICCP. During the application procedure you will be required to provide proof of your language skills. The required language levels are (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFRL):

  • English: B2 level (for subjects taught in English)
  • Spanish: A2 level (for subjects taught in Spanish)

Nevertheless, a level B1 in Spanish is strongly recommended to successfully carry out the courses taught in Spanish in our school.

Accepted language certificates

  • English: Cambridge, Trinity College, APTIS, BULLATS, TOEFL, IELTS and an assessment by the home university.
  • Spanish: DELE and SIELE, certificates issued by a Spanish University, CELU and an assessment by the home university.

Please note that the results of AOL tests are not accepted.

Spanish Courses

UPM offers two Spanish courses per semester: an Intensive one at the beginning of the semester, and the Spanish applied to Science and Technology course during the Semester. You can check the courses, timetables and prices in the UPM-Language Centre website. The students will receive a Diploma if the course is successfully completed but we cannot guarantee the recognition of credits at the home university for these language courses.

All incoming students must show proof of having Accident and Liability Insurance. The minimum coverage of this insurance must be equal to those indicated in the OnCampus Estudia health insurance. You can show proof of your own insurance (with equal or superior coverages), or you can purchase the OnCampus Estudia health insurance. Price range varies depending on the length of your stay in Madrid.