Alumnos de la «Civil Engineering Society» del «Imperial College London» disfrutaron durante su visita a la Escuela

Alumnos de la «Civil Engineering Society» del «Imperial College London» disfrutaron durante su visita a la Escuela

Alumnos de la «Civil Engineering Society« del «Imperial College London» han visitado nuestra Escuela, dentro de su gira anual internacional, que realizan para conocer mejor cómo se está practicando y enseñando la Ingeniería Civil en otros países de Europa y, a su vez, aprender sobre su cultura, historia y arquitectura. En su visita de este año han visitado Madrid y, junto con otras actividades que realizaron, mostraron interés en visitar nuestra Escuela y aprender más sobre la investigación y proyectos que aquí se están llevando a cabo.

La jornada incluyó visitas a los laboratorios de Puertos, Hidráulica, Estructuras y Geotecnia, donde los alumnos tuvieron ocasión de visitar las instalaciones singulares de que disponen, así como de presenciar algunas demostraciones de conceptos básicos en ingeniería civil. Del mismo modo, visitaron el Laboratorio de Geología, y asistieron a un seminario sobre el Museo Torres Quevedo.

Los coordinadores de la visita (Igor Kwiecinski desde Imperial College y el Prof. Rafael Jiménez desde UPM) agradecen a los responsables de las actividades realizadas –Profs. Vicente Negro, Rafael Morán, Carlos Zanuy, Eugenio Sanz y Manuel Romana, con sus correspondientes equipos–, así como a la Dirección, su ayuda y colaboración con esta iniciativa.

Estas son algunas de las impresiones que estos alumnos se han llevado:

Annabel, First Year:

“I am really thankful to the Polytechnic University of Madrid for welcoming us and showing us a few of their labs. The history behind the Civil Engineering department was fascinating to learn, and I really enjoyed meeting researchers who are passionate about their specialisations. The harbour lab was very impressive and being shown demonstrations of theories we learn about in our fluid lectures was a particular highlight of mine. I also enjoyed exploring the structural lab and being shown the cutting-edge technology that the researchers are testing and developing. I also found the universities interaction with industry fascinating as this is not something I am normally exposed to. Learning about how the fluids lab can be modified to run experiments that model and test real-life structures interested me as it demonstrated the real-world impact that Civil Engineering can have. The visit to UPM was a fascinating opportunity that reminded me why I chose to study Civil engineering.”

Raagavi, Fourth Year:

“The visit to UPM was very insightful and engaging. It was great to see the different facilities and labs available. The staff were very welcoming and open to answering any questions that students had! It was also very nice to see the geology museum at the university too. We enjoyed the visit very much!”

Konstantinos, Second Year:

“My visit to Polytechnic University in Madrid was an unforgettable experience. I was thoroughly impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities available on campus. The demonstrations at the laboratories, especially the wave generator and geological museum were particularly fascinating, and I felt like I gained a deeper understanding of these subjects through these interactive experiences. The University’s commitment to academic excellence was also evident since the professors and PhD students displayed unmatched passion and enthusiasm towards their research and teaching interests was inspiring. It was clear that the University encourages and supports its faculty and students in pursuing their academic passions, and this is reflected in the high-quality education and research produced by the institution. Overall, my visit to Polytechnic University in Madrid left me with a very positive impression.”

Patrick, Second Year:

“I really enjoyed looking around the university’s labs and learning about the research that you are doing – big shout out to the two enthusiastic PhD students who showed us around the structures lab. I also enjoyed learning about the university’s rich history. Thanks once again for your warm hospitality – the visit was one of my personal highlights of our trip to Madrid.”

Tabark, Fourth Year:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my day at UPM. The experience provided me with a fascinating insight into the facilities and educational opportunities available at the university. Witnessing the practical application of theories taught at Imperial was a truly eye-opening experience. Beginning with the structures lab, observing a PhD student jumping on the bridge while dampers were in use highlighted the practical side of structural dynamics. Additionally, seeing waves interact with differing periods in the Waves lab helped me to understand the physical side of wave theory. The professor leading the Waves lab was very enthusiastic, making the experience even more enjoyable and exciting. The Hydraulics lab was especially intriguing since I had never before seen scale hydraulic models, and it was exhilarating to see the various features in action. The visit to the university was exceptionally insightful and definitely enhanced my knowledge.”

MSc Coastal Engineering Student:

“I appreciate the hospitality of all the staff during our visit to the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Three laboratories with different demonstrations were shown with in-depth explanations from the professors and lab assistants. The two experiments that caught my attention were the one stimulating the hydraulic performance of a dam under different scenarios as well as the ongoing study of the structural design of a bridge to minimize vibrations. This visit was well organized and I also had a chance to have a glimpse inside their museum and learn more about the history of this university. I learnt a lot during this university visit.”